Yantra, Mantra

Yantra, Mantra, and Tantra are part of Indian occult science, with each term having its importance in the lives of people. These are technique, method, procedure, and followed thesis to gain success in their life. These are not superstitious beliefs.

Yantra is not a magic word it’s a path or technique and mystical diagram that is drawn on special metals to attain SIDDHI and fulfill one’s desires and ambitions speedily. Power of yantra in High esteem as an effective tool in the path towards realizing God.

Mantra’ means A spiritual sound in which each sound is related to god. Different yantras with different deities and are combined with different mantras. This Yantra and mantra pooja will help us to control nature which is made up of panchabhutas. Well known Tantra mantra Specialist Astrologer in Bangalore, Pandit M B joshi that will make you successful at things

  • Sudarshan yantra for black magic protection
  • Shambavi yantra to attract clients for your business
  • SidhhaLakshmi yantra for the court case
  • KamaKala for marriage and sexual life
  • Bagalmukhi to win enemies
  • Sarava Vyadhi Vinashamaya Yantra for decease and health
  • Vashikarana yantra for couples
  • Garuda Yantra for anxiety and stress

Much more yantras and tantras will be provided by our Tantra mantra Expert, Pandit MB Joshi by analyzing your Kundli and problem that will solve your problems successfully.