Dosha Parihara

Dosha in Vedic astrology means malefic planets that would not let positive things in the horoscope be fruitful. These negative doshas cause ill-effects to their natives simultaneously. Because of Kundli Doshas person faces problems in their life in the aspects of prosperity, family, finance, and health, and other issues.

One may be surprised why these doshas exist in their life, here is the truth. These doshas are the misdeeds and misfortunes one had in their previous life. But knowing these doshas with analysis of your Kundli will help you to solve these problems with proper remedies.

All the doshas do not cause problems but a few doshas make human life miserable. Those are

  • Kaal Sarpa dosha
  • Pitra dosha
  • Mangal dosha
  • Nadi dosha
  • Putra dosha
  • Grahan dosha