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Pandit MB Joshi, Raghavendra Astro Centre

Pandit M B Joshi is an Indian Astrologer in Karnataka whose family background has an astrological experience of 80 years and his grandfather started astrological practice in 1930 in Udupi. He started to practice astrology to continue the family tradition of solving people’s problems through astrological solutions. People across the globe have consulted him and found remedies for their problems.

No.1 Astrologer in Karnataka, Pandit M B Joshi enriched with the endowment of foretelling the future through proper experiences and unmatched accuracy in disposing of doubt and pessimistic impacts in the existences of individuals. He is an exceptionally capable individual and the ideal blend of knowledge and compassion, and his ability in this astrology field never neglects to convey results. His special style of way to deal with each issue makes him stand apart from others.

He has a long year of experience in future problems, love, marriage issues, family issues, financial issues, business issues, career issues, job issues, and more.

Several people would need to pay for the circumstances in their day-to-day existence, however, there are a couple of Famous Astrologer in Karnataka, who can help in providing you with fundamental information about different occasions related to our life. Don't delay counselling us for the ideal and definite estimates.

Horoscope Reading

Kundli which is also called Horoscope is considered a guide to one’s life process Exact birth date, time, and place are important figures in Vedic Astrology as it assists to generate accurate Kundli.

Kundli Analysis is additionally done with respect to Education, Foreign Travel, Business, Purchase of new property/Vehicle, Lawful issues like court cases, litigation, Health Life, Children, Infertility, Change of career, Unemployment, and its remedies. Aside from these, it is also used in the detection of Mangala Dosha and to identify a Manglik.

Get the best horoscope reading with the Famous Astrologer in Karnataka, Pandit MB Joshi, and get solutions to all your problems.

Palmistry & Face Reading

In the palm of an individual, a palmist can foresee everything about that individual — his past, present, and future. This is possible because the smallest occurrence of as long as we can remember is engraved on our palms. Palmistry is a part of astrology In ancient times palm reading was a custom, it was mostly done when an individual was confronting a terrible time or even consistently occasionally. Very often before deciding the individual(s) would go to visit a palmist to take an informed decision in life.

Get the best astrological solutions from the astrologer Pandit MB Joshi, is one of the best Astrologers, Numerologists, Palmistry Experts, and Face Reading Specialists in Karnataka.

Vastu Consultation

Vastu principles are applicable to houses, industries, educational institutes, commercial complexes, theatres, hospitals, churches, and more.

You can mend your life and acquire a change in each part of your life and business. Pandit MB Joshi gives straightforward, strong, logical solutions for all your vastu-related issues with the least or no alterations to your existing structure.

With Vastu, one can experience the most extreme solace by acquiring mental support when individuals are going through difficulties. With Vastu, you can change your life's daathu. Consult Pandit MB Joshi, the world’s highest-qualified Vastu Expert in Karnataka with great analytical ability and accurate analysis.

Kawade Shastra

Quite possibly of the most consistent inclination that gives us butterflies in the bellies and allows time to stop its course is the point at which we are in love. It doesn't pass on, nor does it change rather it continues to develop causing others to feel its excellence and love life.

Pandit MB Joshi known as the Best Astrologer in Karnataka is an expert in Kawade Shastra. Pandit MB Joshi provides simple, powerful, legitimate solutions for all your vastu related issue with the least or no alternations to your existing structure.

Business Problems

Facing problems in your business or not getting stability in your business activities? If you are looking to invest or start a new type of business then reach out to an Accurate Business Prediction Astrologer in Karnataka, Pandit MB Joshi, an expert in astrology and horoscope predictions will help you in settling a wide range of your business issues.

The business has many events which vary daily and lead from one problem to another. In Astrology, there are various event-mapping indicators with respect to time that give you hints to minimize the possibilities of loss or causing problems.
Get the best astrological solutions and consultations with the most Renowned Astrologer in Karnataka for business success.

Job Problems

Are you worried about your career? Or not getting a proper job? or dreaming to crack Govt. job?

A career is an important part of one’s life and in this competitive world, to have a decent living, we all look forward to a better job and a flourishing career. Sooner or later in time, we observe complexities in our profession.

There are a few common career issues that hamper our development. Astrology offers various solutions for these career issues along with effective job Astro solutions.

Well, book a consultation to get the best astrological solutions by the Top Astrologer in Karnataka, Pandit MB Joshi

Family Problems

Affected by these various qualities and traits we typically experience a family issues, fights, misunderstandings, and detachments in some cases. Astrology solutions for family assist you with better figuring out yourself and all your family members in a non-judgmental fashion.

Sun addresses father, Moon’s mother, Mars and Mercury’s younger brother and sisters and Jupiter senior sibling. There are incredible associations with holy stars in each part of our life and family. Pandit MB Joshi, the Best Astrologer in Karnataka assists you with understanding those bonds and assists you with applying them to tackle your family issues.

Health Issues

Good health resembles a resource for each person. A health horoscope done by expert medical astrologers can help us in remaining healthy with accurate predictions on health problems throughout everyday life and furnishing with designated solutions for any karmic issue regarding health. Investigating your birth chart, astrologers can foresee your actual health as well as your mental wellness so you can be ready with the remedies.

Pandit MB Joshi known as the No.1 Astrologer in Karnataka helps you If you wish to enjoy the pleasures of life and gain success, must maintain good health.

Love Success

Can I wed the person I love the most? Will my love life come full circle into marriage? Will my love marriage find actual success?

Quite possibly the steadiest inclination that gives us butterflies in the stomachs and allows time to stop its course is the point at which we are in love. It doesn't die nor does it change rather it continues to develop causing others to feel its excellence and love life.

The Famous Astrologer in Karnataka, Pandit MB Joshi is here to solve all your love problems and related them to your birth chart by seeing your horoscope and offering perfect astrological guidance.

Dosha Parihara

According to Hindu Astrology, we track down many kinds of doshas and each doshas is exceptional and explicit as per the individual horoscopes. These doshas are the wrongdoings and mishaps one had in their past life. In any case, knowing these doshas with analysis of your Kundli will assist you with taking care of these issues with proper remedies.

Don't worry, Get the best astrological solution to your problem with the help of the Top Astrologer in Karnataka, Pandit MB Joshi.

  • Kaal Sarpa dosha
  • Pitra dosha
  • Mangal dosha
  • Nadi dosha
  • Putra dosha
  • Grahan dosha

Don't worry, Get the best astrological solution to your problem with the help of the Renowned Astrologer in Karnataka, Pandit MB Joshi.

Homa and Pooja

Homa is a religious ritual performed through fire otherwise called Fire ritual followed by Hinduism, Buddhism, and, surprisingly, by Greco-Roman religions. The fire which is called as Agni in Hindu culture is one of the five idle impermanent constituents is a portrayal of God on earth. Homa and rituals are performed with the reason to eliminate negativity and doshas and have God's elegance and success.

Some of our special poojas,

Chandi Homa

It is performed to destroy our inside living evil presences like Pride, ego, envy, anger, etc.

Ganapati Homa

The Ganapati Homa is commonly performed toward the start of the business, House opening and to keep away from significant difficulties later.

Sarpa Shanti

It is performed to dispose of Kala sarpa dosha which embroils delays in marriage, issues in conceiving a child, etc.

Navagraha pooja

It is performed to dispose of all the negative effect of all planets in your Kundli and to acquire showers of blessings of the Navagraha’s or the nine planets, which improves the quality of your personal and professional life.

Sudarshana Homa

It is performed to get alleviation from the evil eye and some other powerful enemies. It additionally mends the body and revives health.

Looking for a renowned astrologer who will recommend the right homa to your concern and kundali analysis? You are at the right place, Pandit MB Joshi known as the Best Astrologer in Karnataka will assist you and provides a special homa to your problems.

Yantra, Mantra

Yantra, Mantra, and Tantra are essential for Indian mysterious science, with each term having its significance in the existence of individuals. Notable yantras from Pandit M B joshi, a No.1 Astrologer in Karnataka that will make you fruitful at things

  • Sudarshan yantra for black magic protection
  • Shambavi yantra to attract clients for your business
  • SidhhaLakshmi yantra for the court case
  • KamaKala for marriage and sexual life
  • Bagalmukhi to win enemies
  • Sarava Vyadhi Vinashamaya Yantra for disease and health
  • Vashikarana yantra for couples
  • Garuda Yantra for anxiety and stress

Want to know more about Yantra, Mantra, Tantra? Pandit MB Joshi fulfills all your wishes by analysing your kundali and issues that will tackle your concerns effectively.

Black Magic

The use of supernatural powers with an aim to inflict damage or evil on other individuals is what black magic is. Black Magic can play devastation anyone's life, may it be business, wealth, job, family, health, and more.

Symptoms -

  • Disturbance in sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Lethargic
  • Eccentric behaviour
  • Addiction to alcohol and drugs
  • Unsuccessful at the job where you are master of it

People attempt to bring you somewhere around doing black magic. Yet, not to fear we have one of the Famous Astrologer in Karnataka, Pandit MB Joshi who will suggest suitable remedies that will assist with emerging from these things.

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