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5 astrological tips to fix vastu problems in your home

Vastu doshas can promote negativity, illness, financial losses, and marital problems in a home. If you reside in a setting like this, it is time to bring about some modifications. No, you don’t have to tear down and rebuild your home, or for that matter, need to move. With a few simple tips by Pandit MB Joshi, the No. 1 Astrologer in Mysore, you can make significant improvements to your surroundings and eliminate serious Vastu dosh.

Pandit MB Joshi, Best Astrologer in BTM Layout, Bangalore, will help you in fixing vastu problems in your home with the best tips.

The most typical Vastu dosh found in homes are described in this article, along with the simplest tips that can eliminate them and offer you personal abundance.

Wind Chimes at home

Wind chimes are considered to be a showpiece, but it is a lot more than that. When positioned properly, they can, nevertheless, bring positive and beneficial energy into your home. To get rid of Vastu dosh at home just hang the wind chime near the door. To achieve perfect harmony, the wind chime you purchase should include six to eight rods.

This will definitely give you favourable results and will fix all the vastu problems in your home.

Pandit MB Joshi, Best Astrologer in Belgaum, will help you in placing the wind chimes in the right direction and which kind of it you should buy. Contact us today!

Add crystal balls

Crystal balls are said to be lucky when placed correctly inside a house. They also have such an appealing appearance that makes your house look beautiful as well. These crystal balls are important because they absorb all the bad energies and keep your house free of misfortune. Purchase a pink crystal ball for successful relationships, an orange one for money, and a red one for good fortune. Crystal balls can be found easily, so perform this tip as soon as possible, it really works!

Use sea salt

One of the simplest Vastu Shastra recommendations is to sprinkle the salt in your home. You can eliminate all negative vibes from your home by scattering little, uncrushed pieces of sea salt. You can mix water with it to clean or scrub your house, this will also give a beneficial result. Use these tips to see the effects for yourself. Sea salt no doubt is so magical!

The surety is that using the best astrological knowledge, Pandit M.B Joshi, Famous Astrologer in Bangalore, would make life better.

Do not keep broken mirrors or clocks in your home

The worst things to have are broken mirrors. Mirrors reflect whatever is in front of them, so if yours is broken, the reflection of whatever it is you’re attempting to attract will also be broken, so keeping a broken mirror is a highly dangerous item to have at home. A broken clock is also dangerous to keep at home. This is also considered to bring negativity and lead to health issues.

Broken clocks, pots, and mirrors must be thrown out since they can bring bad luck into your home. Replace broken mirrors and clocks that do not work with the right ones if you don’t want to experience financial difficulties or health problems.

Keeping an aquarium

Keeping an aquarium at home is a great solution for Vastu dosh.There are plenty of benefits of keeping an aquarium at home. Aquarium works as an evil eye for your house. When a fish dies in an aquarium, it takes your personal life problems with it too. Fishes help in bringing good vibes and positive energy in home. You promote good karma when you feed fishes in aquariums. Some people that come to your house bring some bad vibes with them, fishes help in absorbing those bad vibes and keep your house free from any problems.


People can be significantly impacted by vastu dosh, thus it is best to use some astrological tips to get rid of them.

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Astrological Tips to Fix Vastu Problems

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The aforementioned post goes into great detail regarding the tips to fix vastu problems at home. You may balance your relationships, finances, and health by making little adjustments to your home. Have you used any tips in your house and noticed a benefit? If yes, do let us know!

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