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Vaastu: Vaastu is a science of architecture that we can apply in the construction of our office or home to take the benefits of Pancha Bhutas, i.e. air, water, earth, fire and sky to enhance our financial gain, health and happiness.

In this blog by Pandit MB Joshi, Top Astrologer in Hubli, you will get to know about Vaastu tips for a happy, positive and ideal home.

Vastu tipsThese Elements provide energy to us, they protect us, and they form the entire universe. They are our nature. So harmony between man and nature, i.e Pancha Bhutas, is a must for our well being. Vaastu Shastra is such a science that provides a blueprint for construction of our office, home etc., and wherever man lives on earth. Applying Vaastu Shastra helps us to get maximum energy from Pancha Bhuts so we can have harmony with nature and flourish with good health, financial gains and peace of mind.

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Why can’t Vaastu be ignored?

Vaastu gives us architecture for construction of what must come in what direction and where, for example, a door in the north or east invites positive energy and solar light, which always keeps place out of negativity hence there will not be a place for darkness there. Vaastu provides a perfect plan for construction so that living at that place will help us have an energy that is balanced with Pancha Bhutas hence, we can have harmony with nature, which helps in overall development.

The Famous Vastu expert in Bangalore, Pandit MB Joshi suggests what one can do according to your Vastu related issues and help you to fix your every problem with the best astrological solutions.

Major Vaastu’s mistakes and their effects

  1. The blockage of North-west: North-west direction of the house represents air if there is no window or door at these places invites health problems related to lungs and heart.
  2. Door at South-west: South-west direction represents negativity in Vaastu, also known as Kubera stana this place is ideal for bedroom and to keep financial aspects of the house Door at this place drains money and Prana Kantaka (Health crisis,chances of Accident) to House owner.
  3. Door at South-east: South-east is the direction of Agni(fire). This place is ideal for the kitchen. If there is a door in this direction, it is detrimental to women’s health. And also not good for husband and wife’s relationship.
  4. Toilets at north and east direction: These places are ideal for Pooja Room, having toilets here affects overall prosperity and huge financial losses.

These are some examples which cause Major Vastu imbalance, which is not good for living. Imbalance in Vaastu brings bad luck, lack of peace, financial drain etc., to people that belong to that place whether its owner or tenant.

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We know we cannot have a perfect Vaastu at all because of growing land rates and lack of Vastu knowledge in cities. But major Vastu imbalance cannot be accepted and cannot be ignored while constructing or moving to a new house. We must find a place which has a balanced vaastu if not the best so that we can have a peaceful life there.

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