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Navratri day 1

What is the significance of Navratri day 1?

Navratri day 1

Navratri day 1dedicated to Mata Shailaputri Goddess of strength. Among the Navadurgas Mata Shailaputri is the 1st avatar of goddess Durga. We dedicate the 1st day of Navratri to Shailaputri. She is the wife of lord shiva and has two children Lord Ganesha and Lord Karthikeya.

Form of devi

She sits on a bull, has trishul in her right and carries lotus in her left hand.

Mythology of Devi Shailaputri

Sati was born to Prajapati Daksha who was a son of lord Brahma. He never wanted his daughter sati to marry lord shiva, he considered shiva a dirty ascetic. Sati disobeyed her father and married Shiva and left her father.

Once, Dakshya organised a grand yagna and called upon all gods to attend these yagna.

He did not invite sati and shiva for this ceremony. Sati, who wanted to visit her home for a long time, heard of this ceremony and decided to go even though she was uninvited.

Lord shiva tried to stop sati as he knew the nature of her father. Sati ignored and still went to the ceremony. She felt uninvited by relatives, none of them were happy to see her, including her father. Sati felt a great sense of pain and her father insulted shiva in front of sati and guests. This was too much for sati to bear. In such a grief sati jumped into the sacrificial fire of maha yagna.

News of Devi’s self-immolation reached lord shiva. Angered Shiva went to the ceremony and cut off the daksha’s head and destroyed the ceremony. He carried the half-burnt corpse of sati. The part of sati fell over places and these places came to be known as Shakti peethas; there are 52 Shakti peethas as of now.

In her next birth Sati was born as Shailaputri to Himalyan raja. Consult the no.1 astrologers in Bangalore to know more about the Goddess, mythology of Devi Shailaputri , rituals, significance, and more.


Shailaputri is the symbol of courage and devotion.  She represents muladhara chakra which is the root chakra of our body. Devoting to mata Shailputri with chanting mantras, Prayers and meditation invokes the muladhara chakra and that’s the start of a spiritual journey for us, it invokes consciousness and helps us to find our purposes in life. Praying to shailaputri gives us strength, courage, and composure to achieve our commitments.

Navaratri is great according to an astrological perspective as it falls in the lunar month. Consult the no.1 astrologers in Bangalore to know more about the significance of Navratri.


Chant the mantra “OM Devi Shailputri swaha” for 108 times to invoke Durga goddess and spiritual awareness inside you. Consult India’s best astrologer Pandit MB Joshi to know more about the rituals of Navratri.

Conclusion –

On an end note, we wish our readers a great and glad first day of Navaratri festival, Mata Durga can fulfill your profound longings.

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