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Navaratri is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil where Mata durga Shakti killed demon mahishasura. Navratri is just not a festival; it’s a period of psychological and spiritual transformation.

Mythology behind Navratri

Demon Mahishasura, who is a great grandson of Brahma shri Kashyapa, took a hard penance to impress lord Brahma. After a long time, Brahma got impressed and appeared to the demon Mahishasura and asked for his wishes. Mahishasura, seeking immortality, asked  that he cannot be killed by a man or animal. Brahma fulfilled his wish with one condition that he can be killed with women.

Mahishasura thought that no woman was powerful enough to kill him. With a high power of immortality, he wreaked havoc in trilokas that are earth, heaven and hell. Troubled by his atrocious act, all of them went to lord vishnu for help. Vishnu, Maheshwara, and lord Brahma came together with energies and created Mata Durga. And Mata durga killed Mahishasura.

Significance of Navratri

Navratri provides us with rest to rejuvenate. We celebrate this festival for 9 days where we dedicate to 9 forms of mata durga. Each day has its own significance. Each form of Devi represents chakras that are the vertex of energy for the human body. Devi is the Cosmic energy which is important for our prosperity. Navadurgas represents 9 planets. Those people with griha doshas where malefic planets are hindering their progress. These planets can be rectified by dedicating to Mata Durga and her 9 forms.

Science behind navratri

Navratri helps us to get a rest from all the burdens of life. 9 days of prayers, chanting, and meditation help us freshen up with spirituality and positivity. Dedication of these 9 days invokes the 9 chakras of our body, which helps for a balanced lifestyle with inner strength and a positive lifestyle where we can overcome burdens and sorrows without emotional damage.

Conclusion –

On an end note, we wish our readers a great and glad Navaratri festival, Mata Durga can satisfy your heart’s desires.

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