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Coronavirus: does it end?  Life after this toughest period to humanity.

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Coronavirus: As it started in 2019 it has hit a world like a storm death, economical loss, and questioned the health infrastructure of developed nations. Day to day workers is struggling for their livelihood because of constant lockdowns and business shutdowns. Corona spreads like a blast we call these blast a wave. With 2 waves people have lost loved ones, faced economical losses with a sign of 3rd wave ahead people are scared about their future, health and life after this corona. In this article Pandit MB Joshi has analysed the reasons for corona and predicted when it will end and career and business aspects after this.

Will it end??

Pandit M B Joshi says corona will never end but it will become a rare virus like HIV, Asian flu, Bubonic plague etc., after multiple waves in 2023 it will become normal.

What about the 3rd and 4th waves?

People not to be scared about these waves it will not be worst than 2nd wave but these waves will see an increased death rate per case than previous waves.

Businesses in coming years?

Impact of corona shifted all businesses on the digital platform but after 2021 at the beginning of 2022 slowly these businesses will come back to the normal both digital and physical forms of business will continue.

Hotel and transport industries to shine back from 2022 May.


Planetary position at the time of the beginning of pandemic:

Saturn – Pluto conjunction, Rahu- Ketu in Gemini-Sagittarius axis and heavy affliction to Jupiter

On December 26th there was a complete solar eclipse (ring of fire) which is madhyatama eclipse which will bring people in misery and this eclipse occurred in Sagittarius sign and mula nakshhatra which is strange and all 6 planets were affected by this eclipse. Pluto involvement made eclipse more dangerous.

All these factors led to sign of beginning of pandemic. These factors were common in the time of HIV, Black death and other major pandemics.

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